MAERSK is changing its organisational structure, starting with the appointment of a new executive leadership team.

The changes will come into effect on 1 February 2023. They follow Vincent Clerc’s appointment as CEO on 1 January this year.

Mr Clerc said the new executive team includes leaders with a long tenure within Maersk, and leaders with experience from outside the company.

He said the new leadership would bring diversity of thought, age, gender and nationality.

“The business has executed well during the past years, and we have a highly engaged and competent global team ready for the next miles of our transformation,” Mr Clerc said.

“We face a challenging global economic outlook, a softening market and at the same time our customers are looking to radically improve their supply chains to make them more resilient and agile. This creates urgent needs as well as unique opportunities.

“To navigate through and beyond this environment, we will intensify our focus on cost discipline and service quality while increasing customer centricity, and decision power in the front line.

“Together with the team, I look very much forward to continuing our strong momentum into the next phase of our strategy and I am excited to get to work in the new structure and together with all Maersk colleagues accelerate our business transformation.”

The new organisational structure is shaped around 15 roles and areas of responsibility, according to the company.

The executive leadership team will jointly own the execution of Maersk’s so-called integrator strategy.

Maersk said the integrator strategy links logistics and ocean through customer synergies, and ocean and terminals through financial and operational synergies.