PROTECTED industrial action at DP World’s Australian terminals will continue through at least 11 December, according to the Maritime Union of Australia’s latest notifications of protected industrial action ­– published on Monday 27 November.

The industrial action affects all four of DP World’s terminals in Australia.

In a statement, the company said the ongoing industrial action has had “significant operations consequences, notable affecting exporters and importers across all our terminals”.

DCN understands several days of meetings between the two parties are scheduled for next week.

The union began industrial action in early October after negotiations for a new enterprise bargaining agreement collapsed.

Stoppages and bans

This most recent notification of protected industrial action includes similar work bans and stoppages as previous notifications.

There are various work bans and stoppages at all four terminals, including several consecutive days of two-hour stoppages commencing at regular intervals three times each day at Brisbane, Melbourne and Fremantle.

Also announced are bans on working ships from certain shipping lines, work bans that extend eight hours from when a ship is alongside, and several 24-hour work stoppages.

Comment has been sought from the union and DP World.