PATRICK Terminals has announced a 30% increase in rail capacity at its Sydney AutoRail Terminal.

The container terminal operator has increased the number of train movements at the Sydney terminal from 42 to 56 trains each week.

“Patrick Terminals has invested significantly in landside capability with a focus on increasing efficient movement of freight to and from our Sydney terminal,” Patrick Terminals CEO Michael Jovicic said.

“Our Patrick Sydney AutoRail Terminal has delivered a world-first automated integration the moves containers directly to and from our rail terminal to our quay line.

“We are now at a stage in our project where we have increased capacity by introducing additional rail windows to allow for an increase in trains that can call at our Sydney terminal each week.

“And we aren’t finished yet as Patrick Terminals continues to invest further in enhancing our Sydney operations with investment in truck grid improvements including the deployment of automated truck handling, expansion of our rail sidings to 600 metres and investing in locomotive leading infrastructure.”

Patrick said its Sydney AutoRail Terminal is the outcome of a $190 million investment from Patrick Terminals and NSW Ports.

It said the goal of the investment is to increase efficiency at the Port Botany terminal and support the state government’s strategy to boost rail freight.

The project has included investment commitments of $120 million from NSW Ports to deliver on-dock rail infrastructure and $70 million from Patrick Terminals to deliver automated rail operating equipment.