OCEAN Network Express says operations have begun for “the safe removal of the remaining containers on deck” from the vessel ONE Apus.

This follows permission being to proceed by the Japanese Coast Guard.

As has been reported by Daily Cargo News, the ship lost an estimated 1816 containers overboard when hit with wild weather north of Hawaii late last month.

The ship is now at the Japanese port of Kobe.

“The careful removal of the dislodged units under a schedule formulated by stowage planners is expected to take over a month with safety the number one priority,” a spokesman said.

“Once unloaded, each will be assessed, and when the discharge of cargo is complete, there will be a full assessment of damage to the vessel and subsequent repairs.”

Video footage of the ONE Apus. Credit: YouTube and South China Morning Post

According to ONE, “a thorough investigation” is underway into the incident in conjunction with the flag state (Japan) and other maritime authorities.

The discharge operation and investigation are expected to take some time, according to ONE.