CARGO Club of Australia has directed $2000 to the Code 9 Foundation, a charity organisation set up to support emergency services workers.

The money was presented to Code 9’s Julie Scollary by Cargo Club vice-president Darren Grech, as part of a lunch gathering that also feature former Aussie rules star turned comedian Sam Kekovich.

Mr Grech said Cargo Club had donated about $150,000 to various charities during the past five years and the idea of supporting Code 9 occurred following a brainstorming session.


“Normally we look after our own, but in the last couple of years I and others have been involved with the paramedics,” he said.

“Once I found out about Code 9 I thought, you know what, I think there’s not one person in this room who hasn’t had to ring triple zero.”

According to The Code 9 Foundation., their mission is “to prevent first responder suicides, remove the mental health stigma, raise funds to sponsor assistance dogs and to provide peer to peer support to the first responder community”.

The lunch earlier featured a lively presentation by Sam Kekovich with various observations about Australian society and his thoughts on football, both contemporary and historic.