THE CUSTOMS Brokers and Freight Forwarders Federation of New Zealand (CBAFF) is preparing to roll out a new tool designed to enhance air cargo compliance and security.

AirCertify NZ aims help regulated air cargo agents manage known customers digitally and more efficiently.

CBAFF developed the AirCertify NZ tool in partnership with aviation industry software platform OneReg and New Zealand biosecurity system experts Independent Verification Services.

CBAFF president Rachel Madden said the project had been driven by changes to civil aviation regulatory requirements around air cargo transportation.

“We identified a need for a robust scheme that would stand up to international scrutiny and ensure our sector is delivering to a high standard,” she said.

“It needed to be a solution that was cost-effective, efficient and worked for freight forwarders of all sizes.

“AirCertify NZ is designed to protect the future of aviation security and keep New Zealand air cargo moving in a quick and cost-effective manner while protecting our international reputation.”

Ms Madden said CBAFF worked with OneReg and Independent Verification Services to put the program together.

“We are currently in the testing phase and we hope to start gradually rolling the program out to our members during November.”

CBAFF vice president Katrina Jenner said the program will standardise forms and procedures and put an independent party in to verify that clients are operating to high airport security standards.

“It will normalise consistency, which is very important, so that customers don’t have different rules depending on which freight forwarder or RACA they are dealing with,” she said.

“It also means we can use technology to make sure we can send information around the supply chain very quickly and easily.

“We have a great team working together on this and have been very fortunate with our partners for the project. OneReg and Independent Verification Services are very engaged and can see the benefit for the industry.

“Feedback from the industry has been very positive and we look forward to introducing our members to the first phase of AirCertify NZ in the near future.”