GEODIS has joined with Volvo Australia to pilot the first fully electric variant truck for freight forwarding in the Australian market.

This partnership will use Volvo’s fully electric model trucks – powered by both solar energy and energy-efficient charging systems – as part of a concerted effort to support long-term customers with sustainable delivery services to complement existing freight forwarding services across the local market.

As part of the pilot program, Geodis will be assessing factors, including the driving range, the suitability for heavy loads of up to 7500 kilograms to be transported across 200-kilometre ranges within metropolitan areas with fully electric trucks before committing to a larger-scale roll-out across its fleet in Australia.

The full integration of these trucks into Geodis’ Australian fleet is to ensure a 95% reduction in direct carbon emissions, compared to existing diesel vehicles performing the same function.

Geodis sub-regional managing director, Pacific Stuart Asplet said Geodis recognises the growing importance of integrating both sustainable and innovative systems into the supply chain ecosystem

“This initiative serves not only as a testament to our long-standing relationship with Volvo but also to our collective vision to decarbonise the supply chain industry, even as we continue to expand our services to meet evolving customer needs,” he said.

As part of a long-term plan to decarbonise the supply chain, Geodis has also built an ecosystem to ensure future fully electric trucks can be optimised across its road network.

With the support of Volvo Australia’s e-mobility team, Geodis has trained its drivers to use electric vehicles.