“REAL-time” air quality information is available for Mackay Marina and nearby McEwens Beach via a new digital dashboard from North Queensland Bulk Ports.

NQBP senior manager environment and planning Kevin Kane said the initiative was part of the ports’ long-term commitment to sharing environmental data.

“We collect a wealth of information that contributes to broader research outcomes,” Mr Kane said.

“We also wanted the data to be accessible to everyone in a format that’s useful day-to-day.”


The dashboard currently displays live readings of dust levels at sites around NQBP’s east coast ports.

A live Bureau of Meteorology feed also shows wind conditions.

“The dashboard uses visual elements to bring the numbers to life and to help make them easy to understand,” Mr Kane said.

“It also has a dial that offers a quick gauge of real-time air quality.”

The dashboard aims to provide basic explanations and guidance on where to go for more information.

Daily validated readings for the previous year also can be downloaded.

“We are now looking at ways to provide similar dashboards for a variety of our other monitoring programs,” Mr Kane said. The air quality dashboard can be visited at: https://nqbp.com.au/sustainability/air-quality