THE CMA CGM Group has launched a program called Prévention de la Pollution in collaboration with SODEMO, a semi-public company tasked with the development and maintenance of Port Moselle in New Caledonia.

The initiative involves the installation of pollutant control netting in the port. This netting captures waste pollutants before they enter the bay.

In a statement, CMA CGM said the installation, maintenance, and regular servicing of the Prévention de la Pollution netting acts as a mechanism to remove waste prior to significantly impacting marine ecosystems as well as serves as an opportunity to collect information and data to measure and educate on further waste mitigation techniques.

The company said as the managing body for Moselle Bay Marina, SODEMO is well placed to implement new pollution control initiatives, preventing waste entering local waterways generated from within the local community.

Port Moselle is encircled by the second largest coral reef in the world and a listed world heritage site. The marina at the port houses stormwater outlets, making pollution control for Moselle Bay Marina paramount in the conservation of the marine structures that surround it.

CMA CGM New Caledonia general manager Pascal Spera said: “Listed as a World Heritage Site, the tropical lagoons and coral reefs of New Caledonia are home to the world’s most diverse concentration of reef structures. Aligned with our core values, the Prévention de la Pollution initiative provides an opportunity to aid in the conservation and protection of this natural wonder.”