MID WEST Ports Authority has completed clean-up operations of an oil spill in Geraldton Harbour.

In a statement, MWPA said the “minor” spill was contained and localised to an area adjacent to Berth 5 in a “rapid response”.

“Thorough inspections of the affected area by Department of Transport oil spill response specialists and MWPA staff took place at midday today (13 February) deeming the water and surrounding structures clear of any remaining oil,” MWPA said.

“As a result, part of the team from the Department of Transport was able to demobilise and return to Perth.”

The remainder of the team was expected to demobilise on Sunday.

“It is expected that Berth 5 operations will recommence once approval has been provided by AMSA. Booms will remain in place around the vessel when operations recommence,” MWPA said.

“The area will continue to be monitored over coming days.” On Friday, the port authority said thorough inspections of nearby rocks and Berth 6 piles, and they were deemed clear of any oil. Secondary booms were deployed across Berth 5 to assist with the clean-up operations.