AN INNOVATIVE remotely operated vehicle called HullWiper won top honours in the Environment Award category at the recent 2019 Shipping & Maritime Industry Awards.

The HullWiper ROV was developed by a business of the same name.

According to the nomination, the HullWiper ROV is an eco-friendly, diver-and-brush free underwater hull-cleaning technology which significantly cuts fuel consumption, enhances long-term operating efficiency and leaves a clean hull that results in lower carbon emissions.


 “HullWiper uses adjustable seawater jets as the cleaning medium, instead of brushes or abrasives, minimising the risk of damage to expensive anti-fouling coatings,” the HullWiper nomination stated.

“No divers are used, so there is no risk to human life and cleaning can be conducted day or night and in most weather conditions.”

Launched in Dubai in 2013, HullWiper began operations in Australia in 2018. It is currently operated from the ports of Brisbane and Gladstone.

“Demand for innovative, green technology is on the rise within the international shipping industry,” the nomination stated.

“Stricter regulations aimed at controlling the harmful effects of invasive alien species, the need to reduce CO2 emissions and to mitigate the harmful environmental impact of heavy metals in paints are being taken on board by ports and governments around the world.”

Highly Commended in the Environmental Award went to Ahmet Hasanof from DPWA Svitzer Australia The award was sponsored by: CSL Australia