A DOCUMENT focusing on sustainability has been launched by Ports Australia.

Entitled Ports and a Sustainable Australia, the report showcases efforts from ports around the country to help in improving Australia for future generations.

Ports Australia chief executive Mike Gallacher, said Australia’s Ports were economic foundations facilitating more than 98% of our physical trade.

“But they are also community members and environmental partners,” Mr Gallacher said.

“Ports exist in communities and they are part of those communities. They also operate in some of our most beautiful and important natural environments.


“For a long time Ports have incorporated sustainability into their business plans and operational practices, but this report is the first time in Australia that all these efforts have been collected categorised and displayed.”

Mr Gallacher said sustainability was at the core of port business planning.

“The report itself is separated into five categories provided by the World Ports Sustainability Program that sorts the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in a way applicable to Ports,” he said.

“We have selected just 13 projects to showcase from the 100s happening around the country. I’m looking forward to releasing many more of these fantastic projects on the reports online home.”

Mr Gallacher said partnerships played a big role in many of the sustainability projects happening around the country.

“As part of the report’s launch we have captured one fantastic example in Brisbane where the port, farmers and government have got together to improve the health of the Brisbane River,” he said.

“This story perfectly captures the benefits partnerships can produce. The initiative protected farmland, improved river health and reduced sedimentation in the Port and wider Moreton Bay.”

Ports Australia chose projects to provide a cross section of the breadth and variety of projects nationwide.

In 2018 Ports Australia was the first national body to be invited to join the World Port Sustainability Program.