DIVERSIFIED logistics infrastructure provider Pedersen Group says a new material handler from Germany will help improve its efficiency and fuel consumption.

The 830 trailer E-series handler is from the group’s German manufacturing partner Sennebogen.

Pedersen Group is part of the LINX Cargo Care Group, a diversified logistics infrastructure and solutions provider that operates across Australia and New Zealand.

Pedersen Group chief executive Gavin Hudson said they worked with more than 8.3m tonnes of fibre on an annual basis.


“In order to make our services as efficient as possible, we need to maximise the potential savings in every single area of our processes,” Mr Hudson said.

The collaboration with the Sennebogen Group is said to have created “harmonious and efficient systems”.

“In addition to delivering more for our customers, we’re also improving our environmental footprint as this material handler can reduce fuel consumption levels by up to 25%,” Mr Hudson said.

He said the Pedersen Group was committed to leveraging technological advancements.

“Investing in our onsite equipment maximises savings in every single area of our processes, which ultimately means our customers receive better cost utilisation and operational performance,” Mr Hudson said.