A MAJOR infrastructure project at Port of Townsville has also provided valuable experience for three students from James Cook University.

The three students recently completing paid internships with the Port of Townville Channel Upgrade, one of the port’s largest infrastructure development projects.

Peter Price, Kimmy Jennings and Tarun Kumar all worked alongside the Channel Upgrade Project team for 10 weeks, getting experience on a complex project incorporating both land and marine development.   

Port of Townsville general manager infrastructure Kim Gebers said the trio received an experience that would be an asset throughout their careers.

“Because the project activity is happening on both land and sea, particular skills are required. The internships mean that local students are now exposed to that learning,” Mr Gebers said.


Peter Price, a fourth year Bachelor of Engineering student, said the internship gave him experience in pre-project work, technical writing and communicating with contractors.

Kimmy Jennings, who recently graduated from JCU with a Bachelor of Geology, said the internship gave her an opportunity to look “behind the scenes” in a large project.

“My internship with the Channel Upgrade Project will help me in my new role as a Graduate Environmental Officer with Resolute Mining in Ravenswood,” Ms Jennings said.

Tarun Kumar, a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student, said his internship provided him with an opportunity to work in a team that had to meet tight deadlines. 

Kim Gebers said the project’s internships were bringing local benefits.

“The JCU interns haven’t been passive observers. They’ve been completing tasks set by the university as well as their project duties during their 10 weeks onsite,” Mr Gebers said.

“The internship on the Townsville Channel Upgrade Project has given Tarun, Peter and Kimmy an opportunity to get their hands dirty as well as using their academic learning and they’ve thrived on that.”

The port is continuing to investigate opportunities for more summer internships during the life of the Channel Upgrade Project.