AN INJURED green sea turtle rescued from the waters of Port Hedland in May has died.

But the death of the turtle, named Minderoo, has prompted a message for everyone involved in ports to do their bit for conservation.

Dr Jane Giliam and the team at the Ningaloo Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre were said to have worked “incredibly hard” to save Minderoo.

“Pilbara Ports Authority would like to thank her and everyone involved for their time, generosity and expertise,” Pilbara Ports Authority said in a statement.


Dr Giliam and Pilbara Ports Authority want to continue educating the public about the need to get floating, sick or injured turtles to veterinary care as soon as possible.

Dr Giliam has nominated Pilbara Ports Authority for an RSPCA WA Humane Award for its efforts to save wounded sea turtles.

Minderoo was the second sick and floating turtle Pilbara Ports Authority has rescued that was sent to the Ningaloo Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre.

The award nomination is also intended to be an opportunity to acknowledge the huge community effort to get Minderoo from Port Hedland to Exmouth.