CLASSNK has issued an approval in principle for autonomous navigation system technology.

The AiP covers the Advanced Manoeuvring Assistant System technology at the core of the new navigation system.

The Advanced Manoeuvring Assistant System automatically generates routes for avoiding collisions with other ships on monitored routes, when a collision is predicted.

Japan’s Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Kawasaki Kinkai Kisen Kaisha, Japan Radio and YDK Technologies developed the system.

They designed the system to consider international regulations for preventing collisions at sea and to suggest one or two avoidance routes that could allow the ship to return to its original course within an hour.

Track control is used for the selected avoidance route by linking the system with autopilot and electronic chart display and information systems.

“The system has been adopted in the sea demonstration test of autonomous navigation system consisting of single function on board ship conducted with the large ro-ro cargo ship Hokuren Maru No.2,” ClassNK said.

“ClassNK carried out a review of a conceptual design of the system based on its Guidelines for Automated/Autonomous Operation on ships.

“Upon confirming it complies with the prescribed requirements, ClassNK issued the AiP.”

ClassNK said it is committed to participating in various projects, establishing standards, and providing information to support the development and implementation of automated and autonomous operation technologies from a safety perspective.