A PRESENTATION by Filip Koscielecki of the UK Club entitled Autonomous Shipping – Revolution by Evolution’ took his audience through the various technical, regulatory, commercial and legal issues potentially created by the progression towards more autonomous ships.

Among other considerations explained was the seaworthiness and navigating capabilities of unmanned or restricted crew vessels.

There was also discussion of greater exposure to cyber-attack; the consequences of robotic and AI control of ships and legal responsibility and liability.

“The benefits of autonomous shipping are many and will drive the future progress of such technology in what may, in the future be termed revolutionary,” Mr Koscielecki said.


“However the wide-spread ramifications that will surely disrupt the traditional shipping environment will have to be carefully managed.

“Therefore, evolutionary steps towards autonomy will characterise the path of such progression.”

 The event was organised by WISTA UK as part of its regular program of networking meetings accompanied by an in-depth lecture on a shipping issue of the day.

It was hosted by Thomas Miller managed insurance mutuals, the UK P&I Club and the UK Defence Club.

 WISTA secretary Bridget Hogan thanked Thomas Miller for its support.

“At WISTA we believe in free-thinking and cordial debate on vital issues affecting maritime and trade,” Ms Hogan said.

“We hold monthly events to bring together professionals from across the whole spectrum of shipping to educate themselves, present their opinions and meet like-minded colleagues who hope to make a difference.”

Filip Koscielecki is an advocate for digital transformation in shipping and insurance and has published several articles on this topic.

Further analysis of cybersecurity in the context of autonomous shipping is discussed in the August magazine edition of Daily Cargo News.