KPLER – a provider of commodities data and analytics – announced it acquired MarineTraffic and FleetMon, two providers of global ship-tracking data and maritime analytics.

The deal follows an earlier acquisition of FleetMon by MarineTraffic, resulting in a co-ordinated double acquisition for Kpler in the maritime analytics space.

Since its founding in 2007, Athens-based MarineTraffic has made ship-tracking intelligence and analytics widely accessible.

Rostock-based FleetMon, also founded in 2007, also provides AIS data.

A media statement from Kpler said combining the two companies would allow it to “unlock more value for the maritime sector”.

Kpler CEO François Cazor said his company had been focused on tracking cargoes, not vessels.

“We believe the time has come to marry commodity and maritime intelligence into one single platform,” he said.

“This will lead to improvements in the data and services we provide and drive further innovation in the maritime sector, by incorporating the excellent work of both MarineTraffic and FleetMon.”

MarineTraffic CEO Demitris Memos said, “The increasingly connected maritime world needs more digital tools and better analytics and we’ll continue innovating in that direction”.