MITSUI O.S.K. Lines and Ship Data Center have agreed to share the data from some 180 MOL through a ship data sharing platform promoted by ShipDC, the Internet of Ships Open Platform (IoS-OP). The data-sharing forms part of MOL’s FOCUS Project.

IoS-OP is a universal platform that enables the sharing of ship operational data among shipbuilders, manufacturers and related services providers.  

MOL said this data sharing will significantly increase the amount of ship operation data on IoS-OP and will enable the stakeholders to better innovate for things such as safety, efficiency, environmental protection, and more.

MOL senior managing executive officer Yoshikazu Kawagoe said he was glad to announce the agreement to boost data use and digital transformation in the maritime industry. He said the data available through IoS-OP is expected to cover 500 ships in the future.

MOL’s Fleet Optimal Control Unified System (FOCUS) Project analyses the data collected by more than 10,000 sensors positioned throughout vessels. These sensors collect data about the engines, cargoes, weather and more in one-minute intervals. With this data, MOL said it is developing applications to enhance vessel safety and enhance the marine environment.