NORWAY-based Yxney Maritime and Inmarsat have signed an agreement for Yxney to provide a dedicated application for Inmarsat’s Fleet Data service.

Fleet Data collects data from sensors on ships, pre-processes that data and uploads it to a central cloud-based database. There the data can be accessed via a dashboard and an application process interface.

Yxney Maritime has developed the Maress software, a system that allows fuel and emission data to be used for making better decisions on how to increase efficiency and to reduce a ship’s carbon footprint.

Yxney said the new partnership would make it easier for ship owners, offshore vessel operators and energy companies to join the network of industry leaders using Maress.

Inmarsat Maritime head of digital solutions said Yxney Maritime has a system that is in great demand with owners and operators who want to reduce emissions.

“Working with Yxney Maritime enables our customers to harness the power of their existing onboard data to help support the IMO’s decarbonisation goals with full emissions transparency,” Mr Camporeale said.