AN AIR cargo consignment labelled “plastic plates” has led to the discovery and dismantling of a steroid manufacturing lab in western Sydney.

A man also has been charged.

In early October last year, an air cargo consignment arrived in Sydney from China.

It was found to contain a vacuum filtration kit believed to be used in the manufacture of illicit steroids and several other branded sticker labels for performance and image enhancing drugs.

The case was referred to NSW Police Force.


In early June this year, ABF officers in Sydney told police they had intercepted a further air cargo consignment.

The cargo, declared as plastic plates, was examined by ABF Aviation Goods officers and found to contain a manual capsule filling and joining machine.

Another consignment was intercepted by ABF officers on Sunday 9 June 2019 and was found to contain about a kilo of illicit steroids, concealed in food packaging.

Police later raided a home at Woodcroft, Sydney, about 8am yesterday on Wednesday 24 July.

Detectives claim to have found a clandestine steroid manufacturing laboratory.

A 33-year-old man was arrested and taken to Blacktown Police Station.

He has been charged with manufacturing a commercial quantity of a prohibited drug, supplying a prohibited drug and possession of drug manufacture apparatus to make prohibited drug.

Blacktown Police Area Command Commander, Detective Superintendent Trent King, said the results of this investigation showed excellent interagency operations.

“This joint investigation has prevented the potential manufacture and distribution of illicit substances throughout our local community and beyond,” Detective Superintendent Trent King said.

ABF Regional Investigations Superintendent Garry Low said it was another example of the success of the ABF’s multi-layered approach to detecting illicit substances at the border.

“Our officers continue to demonstrate their skills and expertise when it comes to identifying mail and cargo packages that are out of the ordinary,” Superintendent Low said.