INVESTIGATIONS are ongoing into the case of the YM Efficiency, where around 80 shipping containers fell over the side of a vessel off the coast of Newcastle.

The incident occurred on 1 June, 2018.

According to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, the investigation is currently in the “examination and analysis phase”.

“During this phase, evidence is reviewed and evaluated to determine its relevance, validity, credibility and, relationship to other evidence and, to the occurrence,” the ATSB stated.

“Examination and analysis requires reviewing complex sets of data, and available evidence can be vague, incomplete and or contradictory. This may prompt the collection of more evidence, which in turn needs to be analysed and examined, potentially adding to the length of an investigation.”


Following publication of a preliminary report, more evidence was collected from the ship’s owner and operator, ship’s officers, classification society and cargo securing equipment manufacturer.

“That evidence is now being reviewed and analysed to identify any contributing factors that led to the occurrence and any other factors that could initiate safety action that reduce the risk of future similar occurrences,” the ATSB stated.

“The investigation’s main lines of enquiry involve analysis of the ship’s container stow in relation to the requirements of the ship’s cargo securing manual, ship’s officers’ knowledge and use of the ship’s loading computer system, the container stowage planning process and post-incident actions and events.”

Soon after the incident, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority issued a notice to remind vessel owners, operators and masters of the need to stow and secure cargo containers appropriately.

A final report is expected in the 2019 fourth quarter.