PREPARING for new biosecurity challenges has been a focus for Melbourne logistics business Arrow Transport.

The business recently employed former Price & Speed depot manager Anthony Wasson as its new national biosecurity manager and has invested in new quarantine and biosecurity facilities in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

These are seen as particularly relevant in an age of brown marmorated stink bugs and, in all likelihood, khapra beetles.

“The BMSB season can be a cause of congestion and unnecessary delays on import containers so we have invested and taken measures to ensure this is not the experience at Arrow,” said Craig Webster, Arrow Transport managing director and owner.

“That was a key reason for our decision to both create this valuable position and employ Anthony who is one of the most experienced hands-on experts in the area of Biosecurity and Department requirements.”

“Anthony gives our brand further credibility as we continue to extend our service offerings to the market on a large scale.”


Mr Wasson said Arrow was looking to a future with both challenges and opportunities.

“The increasing challenges surrounding biosecurity make this issue more important than ever,” Mr Wasson said.

Mr Wasson said Arrow had applied for Heat Treatment and Secure Unpack classes for their facilities in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

The official BMSB season in Australia starts on 1 September and runs until 31 May next year.

Khapra beetle which originated in South Asia are considered one of the 100 worst invasive species in the world, and makes grain and seed products inedible. They have also been recently detected in white goods in warehouses in both Sydney and Canberra which resulted in many products being packed into containers and fumigated.

Typically from: India, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe, it is spread by infesting shipments of imported grain and other foodstuffs.