THE BEVERIDGE Intermodal Terminal has withstood the infrastructure pipeline overhaul that cancelled 50 other infrastructure projects.

National Intermodal, the company leading the development of the terminal, said the federal government’s infrastructure funding decisions had not impacted any of the existing National Intermodal programs.

The statement follows an announcement on 16 November that the government would withdraw funding from selected road, rail and freight projects in response to a review of the Infrastructure Investment Program.

National Intermodal is owned by the Australian government and represented by two shareholder ministers. One of those ministers is federal minister for infrastructure Catherine King, who decided which projects would be cut and which would receive additional funding.  

According to National Intermodal, the government is still committed to providing $3.4 billion for Melbourne Intermodal terminals including the Beveridge Intermodal Precinct and road connections as well as the Western Interstate Freight Terminal (WIFT) at Truganina with the Outer Metropolitan Ring Rail South connection.

“We are embarking on an active program including the development of the Beveridge Intermodal Precinct in Melbourne’s north, and we’re working with the Australian and state governments on progressing precincts in NSW and Queensland,” National Intermodal CEO James Baulderstone said.

“[Thursday’s] announcement leaves our program unchanged.”

National Intermodal noted that “a small amount” of funding previously allocated to the Business Case for Melbourne Inland Rail Intermodal Terminal was among the projects cut from the pipeline.

It said the business case work would continue under the other funding commitments to National Intermodal and would have no consequence for the delivery of either the Beveridge or WIFT terminals.