BRITAIN and the European Union have agreed to delay Brexit until October 31, international agencies have reported.

This is expected to give negotiators on both sides more time to come to an agreement, rather than having the United Kingdom “crash out” of the EU.

British politics has become hopelessly divided over the issues since the 2016 referendum, with Prime Minister Theresa May unable to manage the various ‘hard Brexit’, ‘soft Brexit’ and ‘no Brexit’ forces within Parliament.

Prime Minister May still has been quoted as saying the UK would still seek to leave the EU as soon as possible, while European Council president Donald Tusk was quoted by the BBC as telling British leaders to “please do not waste this tame”.


Trade lawyer Andrew Hudson has warned of the wide-ranging effects of Brexit if/when it becomes reality.

Those involved with trade with the UK should remain alert to developments, including steps taken by governments to address the issue for their importers and exporters,” Mr Hudson wrote recently. “The Australian government has entered into agreements with the UK government designed to protect existing trade.”