MARITIME Industry Australia and the LNG Marine Fuel Institute have teamed up to promote discussion about cleaner energy in the context of global warming.

The two organisations have set up a series of webinars on Maritime Future Fuels and Energy Efficiency. 

MIAL deputy CEO Angela Gillham said it was vital to accelerate the development of technology to decarbonise shipping.

“During the pandemic, we have limited options to collaborate face to face in the way that we are accustomed to,” Ms Gillham said.


“Through this webinar series, we hope to stimulate discussion and ideas, provide a focal point and build a network of interested parties – shipowners, fuel and technology manufacturers, engine designers, scientists, innovators, government and educators – to advance discussions and identify Australian opportunities and challenges on the road to decarbonising shipping.”

LNG MFI chief executive Margot Matthews said they expected alternative fuels to play a significant role in the shipping industry achieving the IMO 2050 50% net emission reduction target.

“This webinar series will provide an insight into how we can further enable LNG as a marine fuel into the future as in conjunction we work on zero emission fuels,” Ms Matthews said.

The series started on 4 August with the first three sessions in the program designed to provide context and lay the groundwork for ongoing discussions and sharing of ideas.

Upcoming sessions are:

SESSION 3:          18 August            Alternative Fuels – Overview to Feed your Strategy

SESSION 4:          8 September      LNG Fuel – Economic now            

SESSION 5:          15 September   Methanol as Marine Fuel – Access, OPEX and your bottom line?

SESSION 6:          date TBC              BioFuels – Available for your Business Now?      

SESSION 6:          date TBC              Commercialising Hydrogen & Ammonia

Contact MIAL or the LNG Marine Fuel Institute for more information.