PORTS Australia chief executive Mike Gallacher says the federal election result provides the government with an opportunity to improve national freight and infrastructure.

The election resulted in a shattering loss to the Australian Labor Party which had been widely tipped to return to government.

Mr Gallacher said even though Australians had not taken up the message of “time for change”, this should not mean change was bad or progress must stop.

“This result provides opportunity for the LNP to move forward on reforms that have been in the making for a long time,” he said.

“It is time for affirmative and positive action on future proofing Australia’s population growth.


“In the wake of the election people are saying that the country is divided but that is far from true for the freight industry.

“Our industry is united. Calling for a holistic plan and approach to the country’s future freight and supply chain needs to be a priority for this government.”

Mr Gallacher said the objectives and priorities of the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy must have bipartisan support.

“It should be released shortly and implemented in consultation with state and territory jurisdictions and industry. Australia is growing faster than ever before,” he said.

“The freight industry is on the front line of this growth. Australia needs a depth and vision for its freight and infrastructure planning, something a united and stable government can provide.”