AN EXPERT Panel to help identify 15,000km of roads to be transferred to the NSW state government offers an important chance to enhance freight movement, the Australian Logistics Council says.

ALC chief executive Kirk Coningham said they “warmly welcomed” the election commitment made last year for the state to assume responsibility for many roads currently managed by local councils.

“The initiative presents an opportunity to eliminate some of the inconsistencies, cost-shifting and administrative delays that arise by having different sections of the one road owned by multiple local councils,” Mr Coningham said.

“Smaller councils in regional areas often do not have the revenue base or the personnel required to maintain road infrastructure to the standard freight operators require to support the safe and efficient movement of goods through the supply chain.”


Mr Coningham said the ALC was especially pleased the Expert Panel would be chaired by former NRMA president Wendy Machin, who was “widely respected throughout the road transport sector”.

“We similarly welcome the appointment of former ALC managing director and now Roads Australia CEO Michael Kilgariff to the panel,” he said.

“ALC looks forward to actively engaging with the Expert Panel throughout the consultation process and ensuring that its recommendations help to drive greater efficiency in the end-to-end supply chain.”