LIQUEFIED natural gas and biofuel are to be key to commitments by ANL, and its parent company CMA CGM, to meet new IMO rules governing reduced sulphur emissions.

The new rules come into effect in January 2020 and are aimed at cutting sulphur emissions by 85%.

ANL has released a statement saying that as part of the CMA CGM Group it will be 100% compliant and that its efforts will be defined by a program called ‘ETA 2020’ – Energy Transition Ambition 2020.

ETA 2020 features two prongs, one being LNG and the other being cleaning emissions.

Some nine CMA CGM newbuildings are to be equipped with LNG which is expected to be delivered in the second quarter of 2020.

“Collectively this will ensure -99% sulphur emissions, -99% particulate matters, -85% nitrogen oxide emissions and up to 25% less CO2,” CMA CGM company said in a statement.

Cleaning emissions is a second aspect. On more than 400 vessels, exhaust gas cleaning systems.

Secondary to the upcoming initative of IMO2020, the CMA CGM Group says it has implemented several additional changes to support the environment.

“Moving forward, protecting the environment will remain a key focus for both ANL and the Group collectively, with particular focus on the oceans,” a company statement read.

“Making up a total of 71% of the earth’s service it is imperative that we as shipping leaders continue to strive to better the environment, and onboard the challenges facing the supply chain as a whole.”