LAW firm Cusack & Co has developed a spin off, Cusack & Co Academy, to deliver “practical learning” to maritime industry participants.

Coupled with a City of Melbourne grant, Cusack & Co founder and principal lawyer Alison Cusack created Propel Forward, a four-week bit sized shipping course for the containerised shipping sector.

Ms Cusack said 2020 showed that “on demand learning” was the way of the future.

“Recent events such as the APL England and ONE Apus demonstrate the need to improve learning across the sector for a safer and more reliable industry,” Ms Cusack said.

“Over four weeks, Cusack & Co Academy will deliver all the key high-level concepts in the world of containerised shipping.”

Ms Cusack said they had a combined eight years of experience and learnings in the maritime industry to deliver the essential knowledge required when entering the industry.

“The course was born from the recognised need that the burden of learning the essential basics in the industry is often placed on the individual,” Ms Cusack said.

“We find very little formal education on the industry essentials and for those transitioning into, commencing into and already existing in the industry often require this knowledge prior to commencing, though they must self-educate.”

More information is available here.