AUSTRALIA’S mango industry will gain expanded market access following the removal of varietal restrictions on Australian mango exports to Japan.

Previously only five types of mango were permitted to be exported to Japan, but now all types grown in Australia will be available for export.

This has aligned with the upcoming mango season, meaning Australian mango farmers and exporters will see immediate benefits.

“Aussie mangoes are juicy, delicious and desired the world over,” minister for agriculture, fisheries and forestry Murray Watt said.

“Japan is a priority market for Australian horticulture offering growth potential and premium price points, aligning perfectly with our vision for the future of Australian agriculture. But the significance of this achievement extends beyond mangoes alone.”

Mr Watt said the removal of varietal restrictions makes way for changes for other commodities, potentially paving the way for further market access expansions and strengthening the Australian horticultural sector.

“This is just another way we are looking to continue growing the export pie for our farm businesses and builds on recent market access achievements in the UK, India and across South East Asia,” he said.

The Australian mango industry considers Japan to be a market offering long-term growth potential.

Japan is Australia’s second-largest export market for agriculture, forestry and fisheries products at a value of $6.5 billion in 2022-23 – a 4% increase from the previous year.

The first mango exports under this new arrangement will commence this season.