THE first shipment of Hass avocados from Colombia to China is about to arrive in Shanghai, via MSC’s Aztec service.

An MSC vessel carrying 28 tonnes of the fruit left the Pacific port of Buenaventura on May 28, and is scheduled to reach its destination soon.

This journey follows a 2019 trade agreement allowing Colombia to export avocados to China.

Gaining entry to the Chinese market, is said to be a “major opportunity for Colombian avocado growers”.

“By bringing cargo to faraway destinations in perfect condition, MSC is proud to help South American companies expand their business beyond the continent,”’ the shipping company said in a statement.

Colombia is able to produce avocados throughout the year, due to its proximity to the Equator.

However, moving avocados from one continent to another requires the highest level of care.


“MSC was chosen to carry out this important task, thanks to our solid experience in transporting perishable goods,” the company stated.

“We use CA technology to slow down the ripening process and extend shelf-life. This allows fruit to travel long distances while retaining the same appearance, flavour and quality as when it was harvested.”

The Colombians are unlikely to represent a threat to Australian avocado growers, most of whom produce fruits for the domestic market, with a small percentage exported to Malaysia and Singapore.