THE Australian Border Force announced the launch of a new port, harbour and coastal vessel to patrol the waters of New South Wales.

Based in Sydney, the 12.4-metre Lord Howe Island is one of several vessels launched across the country to provide the ABF with a greater range and maritime operational capability.

ABF Regional Commander for New South Wales Danielle Yannopoulos said the vessel would help ABF officers maintain a strong and continuous presence along the state’s coast.

“This vessel will be used to support our officers in Sydney as well as Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, Port Kembla and Eden,” Commander Yannopoulos said.

“The Lord Howe Island will support the ABF maritime unit in New South Wales to deploy and respond rapidly to combat border and customs-related crimes when they are identified.”


The vessel is one of 13 new port, harbour and coastal vessels deployed across Australia.

Eight of the vessels, including Lord Howe Island, were built in Yamba, with the other five built in Adelaide.