EXECUTIVE chair of the Indian Register of Shipping, Arun Sharma, has been confirmed as the new chair of the International Association of Classification Societies.

Mr Sharma was elected as chairman of IACS during a recent Council meeting in Busan, South Korea.

In his first speech, Mr Sharma outlined key challenges facing the shipping industry, notably the sulphur cap and rapid technological innovations which are altering the way shipping companies interact with one other.


He said this caused “a knock-on effect” in the way IACS needed to work with industry especially in the use of data to make better informed decisions.

He also noted the association’s contribution to maritime safety and regulation through technical support, compliance verification and research and development.

He also emphasised the need to strengthen the systems within IACS towards maintaining and enhancing quality operations.

“With the support of all [my] council colleagues, IACS will be able to demonstrate the proactive commitment necessary to ensure that the association remains well positioned for the many challenges that face the maritime community,” Mr Sharma said.