INFRASTRUCTURE Australia has released an updated edition of the 2020 Infrastructure Priority List, presenting 155 infrastructure proposals “of national significance”.

Chief executive Romilly Madew said the list had been updated in order to cast a spotlight on a number of new proposals and to also showcase the extended pipeline of investment, now worth more than $64bn.

“Australia is planning its recovery from a rolling series of crises: drought, flood, the bushfires and now COVID-19,” Ms Madew said.

“The Priority List is a critical tool in recovery, as it directs investment to the infrastructure projects that will kick-start economic growth and have the greatest returns for all Australians.


“This is the first time we have formally released the Priority List mid-year, by doing so, we want to highlight the most recent priority proposals at a time when our infrastructure investment needs to progress quickly, without jeopardising the quality of those investments.”

New initiatives include the Queensland inland freight route, the Port Botany Rail Line Duplication and Cabramatta Passing Loop,

Infrastructure Australia reported a record number of submissions when compiling the February 2020 Priority List, and continued to assess a number of the submissions that had merit but still required further information.

“We are continuing to assess a record number of projects and we’re encouraging jurisdictions to identify the infrastructure that will best lead a COVID recovery,” Ms Madew said.

In addition to Infrastructure Australia actively supporting harmonisation and streamlining of infrastructure approval processes, Ms Madew reaffirmed the important role the list plays in business case assessment.

Since the beginning of the dual health and economic crisis, Infrastructure Australia’s advice has been to focus on a staged infrastructure recovery response.