IN response to the fast-approaching 2020 sulphur cap on marine fuels, Wilhelmsen has partnered with Hitachi High Tech to establish more convenient handheld XRF analysers, giving vessel crew the ability to test sulphur content in real time.

The trademarks of the new Hitachi High-Tech XRF spectrometers for quality control are the instant results of fuel content in maritime fuel, minimal training needed and the requirement of little prep time.

Wilhelmsen product marketing manager Jonas Östulund said, “Crews will be able to eliminate the risk of accidental non-compliance.

“As vessels approach emission control areas (ECAs), with a lower 0.1%, permissible sulphur content limit, the engine room can immediately and accurately test the sulphur content of the fuel flowing to the engines after changeover and ensure it is compliant,” he said.


The instantaneous testing, which Mr Östulund called “far less of a burden,” promotes checking sulphur content in the vessel’s fuel during bunkering and catching potential issues before they become major issues.

The X-MET8000 handheld XRF from Hitachi-High-Tech comes with a GPS inside, used to locate the exact place analysis is performed. The company’s cloud service and data-sharing allow instantaneous storing, sharing and managing analysis data whenever and wherever you are.