A REVIEW has been announced into biosecurity measures for dealing with the brown marmorated stink bug.

The bugs have the potential to devastate local crops and have already resulted in authorities turning away three ships from Australian waters this summer.

The review has been announced by Inspector-General of Biosecurity for the Department of Agriculture and Biosecurity, Dr Helen Scott-Orr.

However you’ll have to be quick to give your two cents’ worth – the closing date for submissions is 22 February 2019.


According to a public statement from the Inspector-General, the review is to examine:

  • The effectiveness of measures to manage the risks of BMSB entering Australia;
  • The department’s engagement and consultation with industry in managing the risks, and
  • What if any improvements should be made to the current arrangements.

“In the current BMSB season, the increased BMSB approach rate and consequent increased departmental application of biosecurity measures to more goods imported from more countries has resulted in substantial disruption to trade with industry concern,” Dr Scott-Orr said.

“The department is actively working to optimise pre-border and border measures to minimise disruption to industry. However, BMSB’s continued spread means that intensified efforts on a wider front will be needed to keep it out of Australia.”

The review is not to examine policy and activities that are the responsibility of stakeholders, including state/territory governments, individuals and biosecurity industry players.