TIMBER burnt during the summer bushfires is to be exported to China under a combined effort involving SCT Logistics and the Victorian government.

Regional development minister Jaclyn Symes recently announced the government would support SCT Logistics $3.65million expansion of their Wodonga operations, enabling the company to process and transport the burnt softwood timber to Melbourne for export through to China.

The expansion of SCT’s Wodonga site is to increase capacity at its terminal so that up to 11,700 tonnes a week of bushfire affected softwood can arrive from NSW, where the timber was burnt.


The project seeks to support new export opportunities for Victoria.

Timber processors have a window between 18 and 24 months before bushfire affected softwood loses its value.

The salvage freight opportunity brings forward the activation of a longer-term plan by SCT to grow its rail freight from the Wodonga terminal.

The plan builds on SCT’s previous $18m project at Wodonga.

“I’m thrilled to announce that the Victoria Government is helping to salvage bushfire affected timber by investing in this important venture,” Ms Symes said.

“Not only will this project capture the benefits of a strategic resource, but it will provide an opportunity for other regional business to become more cost effective through a reduction in supply chains costs and open access to key export markets.”