SIMON Atkinson has been confirmed as the new secretary of the Department of Infrastructure, Transport Cities and Regional Development.

The appointment has earned praise from prominent industry group, the Australian Logistics Council.

ALC chief executive Kirk Coningham said Mr Atkinson’s experience made him a good fit for the role.


“Mr Atkinson’s prior experience in senior leadership positions across several departments and agencies – including Infrastructure and Regional Development – will allow him to hit the ground running,” said ALC CEO Kirk Coningham.

“In particular, Mr Atkinson’s experience in the establishment of Infrastructure Australia means he will acutely understand the importance of long-term planning beyond political cycles in order to deliver the quality freight infrastructure and regulatory reforms Australia needs to deal with its increasing population and a growing freight task.”

Mr Coningham said they looked forward to working with Mr Atkinson on key deliverables.

“ALC also takes this opportunity to sincerely thank Ms Pip Spence PSM for her strong support of ALC’s activities during her period as Acting Secretary over the months leading up to Mr Atkinson’s appointment today,” he said.