Tasmania’s 2019 Japan trade and investment mission emphasised the importance of exports to Asia for the Apple Isle.

A core advancement made during the mission was the Japanese minister for agriculture, fisheries, and forestry promoting the premium produce and markets of Tasmania to make it easier for Tasmanian exports to make it to Japan.

Compared with the previous year, 2018 saw an 11.3% increase in the value of exported Tasmanian goods, totaling $3.74bn.


Exports to Asian markets account for more than 80% of all Tasmania’s international exports.

Japan is ranked as Australia’s second largest export market, and is an especially vital connection for Tasmania’s export economy.

The Tasmanian government has recently formed a trade strategy meant to grow the state’s exports to $15bn by 2050, nearly four times that of 2018.

The 2019 Japan trade and investment mission also included the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Tasmania and Japan for field trials pertaining to the growth of Japanese crops in Tasmania, as well as discussions of widening Tasmanian wine markets to Japan.