MARITIME Union heavyweights Paddy Crumlin and Christy Cain have survived challenges to continue in their roles as national secretary and WA branch secretary respectively.

Mr Crumlin defeated challenger Vincent Francis 4707 votes to 1001 while Christy Cain easily accounted for Christopher O’Sullivan 1186 votes to 119.

The results were confirmed late last week.

Mr Crumlin is currently overseas, but Mr Cain pledged to continue a strong approach to collective bargaining.


“This is a great result for myself, in the style of unionism that my members have overwhelmingly endorsed,” Mr Cain said.

“Getting 91% of the vote shows… that the membership see and support my leadership,” he said.

“I am very humbled but happy with this result. I will keep continuing this style of rank and file collective, militant, trade unionism.

In Queensland, Stephen Cumberlidge narrowly defeated Robert Carnegie 473 votes to 457 for the role of state secretary, while Paul Gallagher and Paul Petersen were voted in as assistant branch secretaries.

In Victoria Shane Stevens defeated Joe Italia 902 votes to 389 for the role of state secretary, while David Ball beat Mark Jones 950 votes to 421 for the position of deputy branch secretary.

Robert Lumsden and Robert Patchett were voted in as Victoria assistant branch secretaries.

In New South Wales, a joint ticket of Nathan Donato and Paul Garrett defeated Daniel Crumlin and Matthew Goodwin for the roles of Sydney assistant branch secretary.

Most other key roles were uncontested, Will Tracey being unchallenged as deputy national secretary and Ian Bray and Warren Smith staying on as national assistant secretaries.

Michelle Myers remains the national women’s representative. The MUA is now a division within the larger CFMMEU.