A PROTEST which shut down a key intersection in Melbourne CBD has been condemned by a leading industry group.

The demonstration at the corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets involved protesters standing in the road and also parking cars to obstruct traffic.

These actions were part of a national day of action also affecting several regional abattoirs.

Victorian Transport Association chief executive Peter Anderson said the problem with the protest was it was done without notice, denying the community and industry the opportunity to make alternative plans.

“No one has the right to cost the economy, business and community time, money and inconvenience, which as all that was achieved this morning,” Mr Anderson said.

“It’s a pity people have to act like a rabble to get attention.”


The protests were aimed at coinciding with the anniversary of the release of the documentary Dominion, claiming cruel conditions in Australian abattoirs.

But agriculture minister David Littleproud said the activists would have turned off many Australians from their cause.

“If the aim was to stop traffic they’ve succeeded, but if the aim was to convert Australians to veganism today then these people did huge damage to their cause,” Mr Littleproud said.

“Fair minded Australians find this behaviour extreme.”