STEVEDORE Victoria International Container Terminal has announced an infrastructure surcharge increase in what it says is a necessary move to cover the 2020 lease increases.

From 1 August 2020, customers are advised VICT will adjust its infrastructure charge to $131.03 per container (exclusive of GST).

This is to apply to full containers, received from or delivered to VICT.


“The change to VICT’s Infrastructure charge will provide income only to cover the lease increase, and equates to a direct pass-through of the increased port costs,” the stevedore said in a statement.”

A VICT spokesperson said $9.23 was a direct pass through to cover costs.

“VICT delivers a global leading standard in modern technology operations,” the company stated.

“We deliver a world class service with leading truck turnaround times, continual systems improvements and investments to ensure greater efficiencies for both landside and shipside operations and a convenient receival period underpinned by extended operating hours.”