THE Australian Transport Safety Bureau is investigating a Pacific National train derailment and subsequent impact with a V/Line train at Barnawartha, Victoria, in late January.

About 5.40pm on 29 January, a north bound Pacific National freight train had several wagons derail bringing the train to a halt in the small town of Barnawartha, Victoria.

Shortly after a V/Line passenger service, travelling from Albury to Melbourne on an adjacent track, struck a container from a derailed wagon from the derailed PN train.


Seventeen passengers and three crew were assessed by ambulance services but there were no injuries occurred.

This investigation is being led by the Office of the Chief Investigator Transport Safety Victoria.

CITS does rail investigations in Victoria on behalf of the ATSB.

As part of the investigation, the ATSB is to examine the track, wagons, communications and conduct interviews. A final report is to be released following the investigation.