CO-DIRECTOR David Bendall said an industry as diverse and widespread as the maritime industry needed focus points, especially in such a large and diverse country as Australia.

Entitled Jobseakers, the site can be visited here.

“Jobseakers offers just that – a central point for all those looking for or offering jobs in the maritime industry,” Mr Bendall said.

“I am very pleased to introduce this marvellous new website to the maritime industry.”

This site has the capacity to list jobs on offer, or required, for the entire maritime industry, international managers, lawyers, accountants, waterfront workers, marketers, ship agents, naval architects and others.

“All these facets of the industry are changing as the impact of technological development filters through,” Mr Bendall said.

“The demand for skilled and experienced people is continuing right across the industry. We need to attract and train younger people and will provide the portal to those looking to broaden their experience and grow their careers.”