MARITIME Union national secretary Paddy Crumlin has called for industrial manslaughter laws in the Northern Territory following the death of a worker in early 2017.

A court imposed a fine of $190,000 on Darwin shipping company Conlon Murphy following the death of fly-in, fly-out worker Daniel Bradshaw.

Mr Bradshaw, 37, was found floating in Darwin Harbour close to the Sammy Express barge where he had been living and working.

No gangway was in place to allow safe access to the barge, with workers having to to jump across a gap, grab hold of a tyre tied to the wharf and then pull themselves up using chains and rope.

Mr Crumlin said the Mr Bradshaw’s death showed why tougher laws were required.

“This tragic death wasn’t some unforeseen accident, there was an obvious risk of serious injury or death posed by the extraordinarily unsafe access arrangements,” he said.

“Worst of all, there was a gangway available that could have been used, but the company chose not to put it in place.

“Every time a worker died, they leave behind devastated families, friends and communities.

“That’s why we need tough laws that make it clear that the life of every Australian workers is important, that they must be protected.”