AUTOMOTIVE logistics specialist Gefco has been integrated with Ceva Logistics, dropping the Gefco branding.

The change has enabled Ceva logistics to launch a dedicated finished vehicle logistics organisation from the former operations of Gefco.

Ceva’s parent company CMA CGM Group acquired Gefco last year. It was previously owned by French-Italian carmaker Stellantis and state-run Russian Railways.

The group said the acquisition and integration of Gefco has made Ceva the largest France-based logistics company.

Gefco’s remaining business, mostly in contract logistics and ground transportation, is being integrated into Ceva’s existing operations.

Ceva plans to finish integration activities and replace the Gefco brand worldwide in 2023.

Former Gefco COO Emmanuel Cheremetinski is to helm the new product organisation, leading a global team of around 4000 employees.

“With our new Ceva colleagues who came from Gefco, we are able to offer extensive global capabilities to a wide range of industries, including the automotive industry,” Ceva Logistics CEO Mathieu Friedberg said.

“Backed by the CMA CGM Group, we expect our growth to continue as we target becoming a Top 3 global 3PL.”

And Guillaume Col, deputy CEO, regions and products at Ceva Logistics, said as the automotive industry is undergoing significant transformation, integrating a mature finished vehicle organisation puts Ceva in a strong position.

“With a unique depth of expertise and solutions at all stages of the automotive supply chain, we are already developing comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for this sector.”

Gefco was established in 1949. Accoridng to Ceva, its former finished vehicle logistics division transported around four million vehicles a year using its fleet of 1600 trucks, nearly 3000 vehicle transport wagons and more than 100 vehicle compounds.

Ceva said its existing finished logistics solutions in limited geographies have been integrated into the new product organisation.