SUPPLY chain management specialist, Bolloré Logistics, has signed a “strategic agreement” with WiseTech Global to roll out its CargoWise One platform from May 2019.

CargoWise One aims to enable logistics service providers to manage transactions in multiple areas such as freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing, shipping and tracking.

Bolloré Logistics, a France-based business, has been using CargoWise One in Australia and New Zealand for many years to handle its freight forwarding and customs management operations.

CargoWise One now will be set up for Bolloré Logistics to use worldwide. Deployment is to begin next year after an initial configuration phase.


WiseTech Global chief executive and founder Richard White said the CargoWise One platform aimed to boost overall productivity via electronic integration, cost reduction, digitisation and automation.

“We are pleased to have Bolloré Logistics roll out CargoWise One globally over the coming years to strengthen their competitiveness in a complex and constantly evolving industry,” Mr White said.

Bolloré Logistics chief executive Thierry Ehrenbogen said they had chosen the CargoWise One single platform as it met their “needs and ambitions”.

“This new tool will gradually replace all of our existing TMS software,” Mr Ehrenbogen said.

“It will also enable communication with the solutions we currently have in place like DMP, Concerto and Link.”