INTERNATIONAL shipping and logistics giant, CMA CGM has announced the launch of two new innovations.

The new innovations are called SEAPRIORITY get and SEAPRIORITY reach, described as “two new high value-added solutions.

These two new services are said to complete the SEAPRIORITY range after the self-described “success” of SEAPRIORITY go, launched in March.


With SEAPRIORITY go, the goods are given priority whether it be for container allocation, loading on board or during transhipments.

SEAPRIORITY is available on all major trades operated by CMA CGM and the group’s subsidiaries ANL and CNC.

With SEAPRIORITY get, on top of SEAPRIORITY go benefits, containers are discharged in priority and mounted on dedicated chassis upon arrival at the port of destination to accelerate the port release process.

With SEAPRIORITY reach, on top of SEAPRIORITY get benefits, the cargo is expedited to U.S. inland destinations.

Containers are to be discharged in priority and loaded on our fast trains with daily departures from Los Angeles to Kansas City, Memphis, Dallas, Chicago and New York.

These services are available at Los Angeles port following CMA CGM services: EX1, PRX and JAX.