THE removal of a Kinhill Transfield crane at Brisbane is being hailed as the end of an era for Patrick Terminals.

According to Patricks, the crane was installed by the Port of Brisbane Authority in 1989 and was the only one of its kind built by Kinhill Transfield and also the only container crane built in Brisbane.

“The crane was remarkably advanced for its time, being designed with splayed legs for the handling of out of gauge cargo and ‘pinned’ at its major joints rather than being welded,” said terminal manager Matt Hollamby.

The Patrick foundation company, Brisbane Gateway Terminals, acquired the crane in the early 1990s making it the first crane Patrick Terminals had in the Port of Brisbane.

At that time, it was located at Berth 3, but was subsequently moved to Berth 8 in “a feat of great engineering skill” when the Autostrad Terminal was opened in 2005.

“This crane has served us well, continuing to operate far longer than many would have expected,” Mr Hollamby said.

“The crane is being replaced with a semi-automated crane which underscores Patrick Terminal’s ongoing commitment to innovation, safety and technical leadership.”